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Connecting Rods & Crank Shafts :
  • Made from SG (Spheroidal Graphite) Iron
  • Forged steel to ensure that the part is stronger than the equivalent cast or machined part
  • Perfectly grinded and dynamically balanced to ensure better grain-flow and weight control
  • Duly heat- treated to ensure normalization, tempering and hardening
Cylinder Liner :
  • Liner is made from a Centrifugal Casting to ensure consistency in mechanical properties and resistance to atmospheric corrosion
  • Mould casting is performed using Shell-Moulding techniques to ensure better dimensional accuracy and higher productivity
Piston Assembly :
  • Pistons, Rings, Gudgeon Pin are produced as per OEM standards and metallurgy
  • Turning of the casting is carried out on CNC machinery
  • CAM Grinding is performed to ensure consistency of machining
Oil Pump :
  • Perfectly engineered and individually tested for proper working pressure and flow
Bearings and Bushes :
  • Made from White-metal / Phosphor Bronze
  • Super-finishing is performed using a grinding rod to improve surface finish and work piece geometry
Valve Plates :
  • Low stress grinding relieves residual stresses to provide fine finishing and uniform corner breaks
  • Precision engineered to meet extremely high flatness standards
Bearings and Bushes:
  • White-metal or Phosphor Bronze
Valve Plates & Assembly:
  • Precision engineered with unmatched quality and reliability
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In addition to the above brands, we can also offer replacement spare parts for reciprocating compressors for the following brands :
  • York
  • Gram
  • Vilter
  • Trane
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